I see photos of the children my Holy Yoga sisters loved on in Africa and I am overwhelmed. I see the ones crippled and considered “less than” and my heart breaks. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for government programs that until a few years ago went unnoticed by me while fought for by others. The programs that serve my grandson, a boy whom I see in each of those children.

I see the embers in California and I am overwhelmed. Memories, for those that built lives there, are all that remain. Mementos gone. Homes gone. Jobs gone. Loved ones gone. Within twenty-four infernal hours the most destructive fire in California’s history wiped out Paradise.

I see the eyes of the GM workers that face not only an uncertain Christmas, but an uncertain future and I am overwhelmed. My mind is thick with the memory of my own father’s brokenness so many Christmases ago when I hear the crack of men’s voices during interviews outside the factory gates.

There, but for the grace of God. There, but God. But, God.

My hope is in God. Only God can heal the pain of this world. This world overwhelms me, but I have to believe He shows up one kind gesture at a time. He is present in one kindness administered to one person. One kindness creates a small but, divine shift. I see Him present in those that help and reflected in those that receive. He is in each of us and not meant to be ignored.

Just for today, can we hold our tongues? Just for today, can we not malign another based on red or blue? Just for today, can we not distrust based on color or headwear? Rather, can we extend one kindness to one a little different. Can we extend kindness even when rebuffed? Can we extend kindness in response to a bitter word?

I want to be overwhelmed one kindness at a time. Such is God.


I poured these words out this morning while watching the news.  My husband asked what I was writing about. I typed and cried, “how I feel-overwhelmed.”

The GetTogether Brenham is Christian businesses lunching with Christian ministries. The lunch is held once a quarter. Each quarter you are encouraged to sit at a different ministry’s table with a representative from that group who describes their work during the meal. A couple of the ministries speak for a few minutes to the entire group. At the end of the lunch a sheet of each ministries needs, volunteer opportunities and prayer requests are given to each table. Respond as led. Before the end of the meeting the list is read to the group and what needs have been met checked off. Brilliant. Simple and brilliant.

But, God. He overwhelms me.

He heard my grief and helplessness and sent me what my heart needed: a way to help just a little.  On the very day and in the very way I needed to hear from Him. One kindness, plus one kindness, plus one kindness. Because that is God.

For more information, visit thegettogetherbrenham.org

“Sustain me according to Your word, that I may live; And do not let me be ashamed of my hope.”-Psalms 119:116


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